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Scary Story Page

These are some scary stories that we've picked up for your viewing pleasure. All the credit goes to the people that wrote them. The stories on this page also are not all going to be about ghost and UFO's there is a wide range of scary stories that we will be featuring! (Note that the stories on this page do not reflect the opinions of OPIAR)
The newest story will be posted soon. It is about a true happening that we recently recieved.

Do you have a story you want featured on this site? Please send the story to with the subject of Story Submission, and the Publication Editor, Robert Markin, will read the story and decide whether it is appropriate for this site. Please tell us whether it is fictional or non-fictional. Non-fictional stories are more likely to appear, but we will publish fictional works. Do not send us stories just to be published, there are plently of FAN FICTION websites for that. Do not abuse this privilage. People who frequently submit stories are less likely to appear than someone who has just submitted for the first time. Also, since we are on limited space, please do not submit to us novels of fiction, for those, as stated above, use FANFIC websites. NOTICE-- We may not publish stories that have overt sexual connotations, over-used cursing, or other fowl language. Please remember that children ages 13 and over view this website, so please write with them in mind. Thank you!

Email a story submission here!

Stories will be updated once every 25-30 days. Please come back! Thank you!

Our Featured Selection...

There will be a brief haitus before we post another new story. We are in the process of editing a true encounter that was submitted to us. We will be posting it very soon. Sorry for the inconvienence.