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OPIAR Seeks Volunteers!

Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way. On this page we will present different options to encourage others to get involved in our organization.

Volunteer Your Time

We need anybody willing to volunteer time and effort to help us get things done.
You could help us in the advertisement department creating ads and ways to advertise.
You could also help in the investigation department. We need fellows willing to help us in our investigation of paranormal claims.
You could also help in other ways, or maybe a way we don't know about! See our Contact Us page for information on contacting me!

Register for an Upcoming Event

Our organization takes part in many events and encourages people to take part in the on going investigation of the paranormal. See our contact us page to get ahold of us for information on registering to sponser or take part in an event!

Make a Donation

If you would like to make a donation to help us in our ongoing investigation of the paranormal, or for any other cause, send your donation (money orders only, please!) to:
c/o Robbi Jo Markin
1111 Jackson St.
Beloit, Wisconsin 53511
United States

*****All donations must be made in US currency, and made to the order of "Robbi Markin". All of your donations are tax deductible. We appreciate your help! :)*****

Create your own Branch of OPIAR

Interested in joining OPIAR, but think you live too far away? Simply create your own branch. Simply email us, and you will ecieve information on starting your own branch. After you have been approved, you will recieve copies of all of the report materials we use at OPIAR, as well as a list of equipment that you should be interested in getting.
Email us if your interested!
(See the contact us page for our email!)