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About Us

On this page we'll present some details about our organization and the people behind it. Pictures of the rest of the head staff and their descriptions will be placed here on the next update.

Our Team

Director of Operations/Co-Founder: Robert J. Markin
Asst. Director of Operations: Erin Rose Hoiberg
Director of Equipment/Resources: Nick Farlinger
Director of Investigations/Research: Tyler Colby
Director of Personnel/Planning: Laurel Cole
Cheif Investigator Ryan Butterfield
Investigator DJ Hoiberg
Investigator Holly Helton
Investigator Angelic Parker
Branch Director Brenda Butler, Canada
Other Branch Directors wished to remain anonymous...

In Australia, we are associated with a paranormal group called PRISM, or Paranormal Research Investigation Services and Monitoring. They are co-consultants for our investigations.

Our team is looking for other individuals to help us out too, anyone who would work on a volunteer basis and has interest in the paranormal, may inquire at

Our Programs

We offer programs and services consisting of the following:

-Investigations of paranormal claims
-Counseling for Paranormal Victims
-Information on Paranormal
-Newsletters about our investigations and events
-Training courses for Investigators