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Investigation Bylaws

This page will tell you the Bylaws, or basic regulations of Investigations and Research used by OPIAR and SPIRIT. These bylaws are put here for your edification and education as how to conduct a proper paranormal investigation/research. We suggest that you use these for your own team, and make sure that each of the team members have been trained in the Bylaws. Feel free to copy these and edit/add to them for use by your specific group. If you have any questions, comments, or otherwise, please email us! Thank you!

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~Approach all cases with an open mind.

~Search for all possible explanations for any phenomena witnessed.

~Use the tools and logic of science to analyze all that you observe.

~Report your observations and findings in an unbiased and accurate manner.

~Provide your services free of charge.


~Use your ghost hunting group or website to sell related or unrelated products or services.

~Charge any individual for your investigation or other services rendered.

~Publish wild speculation or unfounded conclusions on your website, newsletter, or any other official publication.

~Break any law, local, state, or federal, while conducting an investigation or other group related activity. You can break laws on your own time, if you wish.
If you follow these bylaws, you will be considered a professional by your clients, and they will most likely tell others about your services, which brings you a good name. Bad services and unprofessionalism will result in a lack of respect for you and your organization. Please, do what you think it right...