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Forms, Reports, Picture Packets, Fonts, and More!

This page allows you to download a few items that we have collected for your enjoyment. All of the items on here are free to download and use, with no committment. These items are only IBM-Compatible, as none of the staff operates on Macintosh computers. This page will be getting updated within the next two months, and will include a "zipped" photo packet of our Fulton Cemetery Investigation photos, as well as reports and such from our investigations and sightings. If you have something you would like placed on this page, email and tell us about it!

Only A few things are available now, but we are working hard to get other things to download, such as our reports and such. Please bare with us through this laborous process! Thank you!

Strange Creature Report Form

click here to download file

OPIAR Application

click here to download file

This is a collection of about 30 cool and scary fonts that we have picked up along the way. All you have do to use them is drag them to your fonts folder under your control panel.

click here to download file