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OPIAR Seeks Volunteers!

Guess What? We Need Help!

OPIAR, International is now accepting Applications for the following positions:

Investigators: These person(s) engage in field work using sensitive electronic documentation equipment during Investigations into claims of paranormal phenomenon. These person(s) are also responsible for writing reports and such before, during, and after and investigation. This person is required to take and pass the OPIAR Paranormal Investigator Training Course to be considered for full membership.

Researchers: These person(s) are the backbone of the operation. They will dig through old records, newspapers, contact authorities, and other duties to gain knowledge about the background of an investigation and it's related parties. These person(s) must possess excellent personal communication skills, as they will be talking with the public to gain information.

Reporters: These person(s) write reports, articles, and other related items for the OPIAR Chronicle (Vortex), and other publications created and produced by OPIAR, International. These person(s) should possess relatively good English Grammar skills.

Branch Managers: These person(s) are a necessity for the growth of OPIAR. They will be select person(s) who will manage a specific area of OPIAR Investigations. They will be responsible for hiring, training, and promoting OPIAR members in their specific branch, coordinate Investigations, and run a tight-shift (during an investigation). These persons are like the Store Manager of a huge corporation. In all aspects, this person is the Boss of the branch, however abuse of power will result in termination. This person will respond to all emails and communique from the Central Branch, AKA "HQ". This person must be willing to pass a simple background check and be willing to submit to a telephone interview with the Directors of OPIAR, International. This person must pass the OPIAR Branch Manager Training Program to be considered.

Correspondants: These person(s) can be anybody with an interest in paranormal phenomenon who wish to work with OPIAR and it's subsidiary branches on investigations and researchers, reporters, investigators, or whatnot. These persons will be written to on a regular basis with updates about OPIAR and with questions that we would like help in answering.

If you would like to do any of these positions, please send an email to and we will send you an OPIARonline Volunteer Services Application that you must fill out and return to us via e-mail.

OPIAR holds the right to reject any applicant that cannot read or write english. It is an essential task for completion of the job. Under the descrimination acts, OPIAR does not base your employment upon race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, origin, nationality, disability, religion, or any other protected condition. We are an equal opportunity workplace. Please understand that it may take up to one (1) month to get a response from your application. After submission of your application, it will be forwarded to the Personnel Director for review, after upon it will be sent to the Director of Operations for further review. OPIAR may conduct a simple Internet background check for certain positions. You will be notified if the position you are applying for requires a background check! Thank you!

Ever dreamed of working on a Paranormal Investigation Team? Well, now here is your chance. Membership is now open to everyone and there is no fee involved! (Donations are appreciated!) If you would like to partake in this facinating world of ghosts, UFO's, and other phenomenon, drop us a line and will see what we can do for you! Also check out our TRAINING COURSES page, and take classes to learn more about Paranormal Investigating!