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Paranormal Training 101

OPIAR Has Big Plans for 2004!
Changes to start with the Training Program...

Paranormal Training Will Take A New Direction!
OPIAR's training courses have changed for the final time! After three failed attempts at creating courses by hiring outside parties, OPIAR Director Robert Markin has taken over the project and will be writing the course with the aide of Director Erin Rose Hoiberg.
The courses have been merged into one large, extensive course that will cover all the major areas of paranormal phenomenon, and will also include other smaller areas of phenomenon including "Fortean Phenomenon" and "Monster Hunting" for those who have an inclination in this area.
The courses cost is set at $45 U.S. Currency and will also offer a $5 refund if the course CD is returned. The CD will be available in Windows format. If you do not have a personal computer, other options will be available in mid-2004. Textbooks are not included in the cost of the course. The reason of the higher cost is due to time, shipping, processing, and creation of the course materials, and the production costs. However, in comparison with other similar courses, OPIAR has one of the cheapest available that still covers everything most courses have to offer.
The course will include Case Studies, Reports, and other interesting things as well as include sample report forms and other stuff! Keep checkin' back for more details soon!
OPIAR offers its training courses to anyone who is interested in the study of paranormal phenomenon. OPIAR also requires that this course be taken by any person who wishes to work with OPIAR on active investigations. OPIAR members will be offered a discount (certain restrictions apply).
Estimated Course Availability: March/April 2004

OPIAR is undergoing many changes for 2004. Right now, OPIAR has released it's final decision on it's training courses... Offered starting June of 2004 (Possibly earlier), OPIAR will offer one course. This course will be extensive, will require three textbooks, lots of reading, and lots of thought. This course will cover the major areas of investigation, and will allow you to also cover the smaller areas. This course will be The Official OPIAR Paranormal Investigator Training Course! This course covers ghosts and hauntings, UFO's and aliens, fortean phenomenon, investigation protocals, ESP, and other such topics! More information will be passed on soon. The official news is that as of October 9th, 2003, Director of Operations and Co-Founder Robert Markin decided to take on the creation project himself after three failed attempts by outside parties that formerly worked with OPIAR. He predicts that the course will be greatly appreciated, and well worth the new cost. The cost will be between $30-$45 dollar, plus textbooks. All proceeds will go to OPIAR to benefit current and future research and investigation of paranormal phenomenon claims.

Cost of the courses is subject to change without notice. All information on this website pertaining to these courses applies to OPIAR courses only. Please take into consideration that we offer our services free, and we must fund our research and investigation somehow. Thank you for your time.