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The Paranormal Matrix

This page is dedicated to all things related to the OPIAR publication entitled "The Paranormal Matrix". This page will include stories ideas, downloadable past issues, as well as other exciting things! Keep checking back for updates!

the Paranormal Matrix
Chronicles into the Paranormal

MY, OH MY! The First Issue of the OPIAR Chronicle was published, but not many people noticed it was there! CHANGES are starting with the new issue. The Summer and Fall 2003 Issues were cancelled to prepare for the new look. The Winter 2004 issue will be out Mid/End of Decemeber 2003.
The first Issue of the Chronicle will be available online very soon. Our computer systems crashed due to a virus, and we had to recover everything from floppy disks! THAT TOOK FOREVER!
The Winter 2004 Issue of our Newsletter/Magazine will feature a lot of new changes, including:
  1. A new Name, "The Paranormal Matrix"
  2. A Color Cover
  3. A Haunted Place Spotlight
  4. An Advice column
  5. Movie and book spotlights that deal with the paranormal!
  6. A "Tell Us What You Think" section!
These are the major changes that are happening. Look forward to the next issue, it should be available for download in Late October/Early November.
Would you like to join the Paranormal Matrix team? Drop us a line and let us know your interested! We are always looking for help with this area of our organization!

OPIAR has decided to cancel the Fall 2003 Issue to prepare for the new look of the Paranormal Matrix. The Newsletter/Magazine will be published in December/January and will be Winter 2004 Issue! The color cover and stories are being finalized as we speak! Layout begins soon, as well as production! Look for the Online TEXT-ONLY edition soon online! You may order a color copy by sending 1 US Dollar to OPIAR that includes a 3x5 index card with the mailing address on it. See the Contact Us page for information on sending payment! (The $1 covers shipping costs!)

Coming Soon! WINTER 2004 Issue!
Eek! A ghost!
The Paranormal Matrix Newsletter/Magazine!