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This page is dedicated to the research and investigation of the UFO and Alien phenomenon that has swept the nation since the 1960's...
OPIAR will be updating this website with more information, including more reports, photos, and other neat stuff soon! Please check back, as investigation reports and other neat stuff will be added asap!


The following report was taken from a Magazine Subscription that our group recieves. This story will be removed soon and placed into our "downloadable archives" section, and new reports will soon be in it's place! Check for links to Photo Pages and other things! All Coming Soon!

Southeastern Illinois
January 5, 2000
4:01 a.m.

It had been a cold night, and Melvin Knoll, the owner of a miniature golf course in the area, had driven to his business to make sure nothing had frozen. When he got out of his truck he noticed what appeared to be a star on the northeastern horizon. Thinking nothing of it at this point, he went on about his business. When he returned to his truck a short time later, he noticed the light in the sky again. This time he looked at it a little more closely, because it seemed to be coming towards him. As he watched, the object came closer and closer, and he could see red lights shining down from it. As it drew closer, the object grew in size until it seemed to as tall as a two-story house and as long as a football field, with windows and a bright light on the inside, shining towards the front of the object. The object moved silently and very slowly as it passed near him, continuing on its leisurely way in a southwesterly direction. As it passed his position, he noticed that from the rear the light was dimmer.
Thinking that no one would believe him unless he could show the object to another witness, he got in his truck drove to the local police department in Highland. He told the dispatcher what he saw and requested that she notify the next community in the path of the object to determine if they could see it. The police dispatcher from Highland contacted the Central Communications dispatcher from St. Clair County, who in turn asked the Lebanon Police Department to look out for the object.
At 4:10 a.m., having heard the announcement about the incident, a Lebanon police officer looked to the southeast from his location, where he noticed a bright object suspended in the sky. It looked like two very bright lights close to one another. The two lights were so bright that the officer said it looked like "the Japanese 'Rising Sun' symbol on the horizon.'
The officer took off south and east with his lights flashing in an attempt to approach the object. After few minutes, the two lights appeared to merge into one light, and the object seemed to be traveling toward him. He stopped his vehicle and rolled down the window on the passenger side of his vehicle. As he watched, a triangular-shaped object silently passed over him at an altitude of about 1,000 to 1,500 feet, headed in a northwesterly direction. Changing its leisurely pace, the object suddenly accelerated off to the west at high speed, covering several miles in just a few seconds. This behavior was also seen by a Shiloh police officer, who reported the object as shaped like a large black arrowhead.
The Lebanon officer advised St. Clair County Emergency Dispatch, of the direction that the object was moving and recommended that they contact units in Millstadt and Dupo, to the west.
The next to see the object was Officer Craig A. Stevens' of Millstadt. On January 5, 2000 at approximately 4:28am 1, Officer Craig A. Stevens was on Patrol in the Village of Millstadt. I was monitoring radio traffic when I heard a report via CENCOM, that the Highland Police Department had a report of a large object flying in the air. CENCOM dispatched Lebanon P.D. to respond. I heard Lebanon state, is the guy 10-55. Later I heard Lebanon state that he observed the object, and that it headed in the direction of Shiloh, and to have Shiloh P.D. be on the look out for it. I then heard that Shiloh had spotted the object.
I drove to the east end of town to see if I could observe the object. Then I drove to the north end of town, in the Liederkranz Park parking lot. While I was sitting there I observed a very large flying object coming from a southward direction. The object was flying very low from 500 to 1000 ft., and was flying very slowly. The object was making no noise. I could only hear a very low decibel buzzing sound. Then the object began banking to the north east direction, and continued to cruise away from me toward the area of Dupo.
I contacted dispatch, and advised them that I had spotted the object. I exited the patrol car, and took the Polaroid camera from the trunk, and attempted to take a picture. The camera was very cold. The temp was only approximately 18 to 20 degrees outside, and the picture did not seem to exit the camera properly.
I heard Dupo P.D. advise CENCOM that they quite possibly observed the object, but it was at a very high altitude.
I returned to the station, and drew a rough sketch of the object, typed a report of my observations.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Three OPIAR directors witnessed multiple UFO sightings in a cemetery during a preliminary investigation. While reports are being written, OPIAR will be investigating these phenomenon, and will post the complete report after a thorough investigation has been done. This may take up to one month, but a smaller report is coming soon!

OPIAR has gotten five reports of UFO phenomenon in the Rock County area, as well as other notifications of phenomenon. The apparent objects are small, spherical shapes that appear to change colors, often red, blue, and green/yellow, and move in very "robot-like, blocky" patterns. Checks with Meterological societies and other numerous sources have shown no air traffic, no overhead satellites, and no known phenomenon that would explain these objects. OPIAR is on the case and waiting for more reports to begin a large investigation. If you have seen such objects, please let us know!! Thanks!