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Who We Are, Where We've Been

Founded in 1998 under the name Paranormal Inc., OPIAR had one staff member, no website, and no affiliates. The name was later taken by a larger organization and Paranormal Inc. became Paranormal Investigations. We now had four staff members, no website and no affiliates. Then, Paranormal Investigations became OPIAR in 1999, had three members, and a website. Then we became affiliated with the PRISM group. We investigated several cases and developed a newsletter. In October 2000, OPIAR developed this website, hired 2 new members for its main branch, got one new branch in Michigan and became OPIAR International. New members joined, More Director Positions filled, new branches opened, (including one in Canada), and OPIAR is now bustling around to try and stay on top of things! OPIAR is always seeking out new investigations, research projects, and crew members to fill the ever increasing need for paranormal investigators! Please feel free to check out our "OPIAR Seeks Volunteers" page to see our present needs, then check out our "Contact Us" page and we will see what we can do for you!