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On this page we'll describe some of the interesting and fun activities our organization sponsors.

Recent Events

Investigations, Investigations! The group has been busy!
All Investigations Have been Put on "Hold" due to the season change. Investigations of cemeteries will resume in Spring of 2004!
Preliminary Investigation of Fulton Cemetery in Fulton, Wisconsin completed. More information to be posted soon.
Investigation of Oakwood Cemetery in Beloit, Wisconsin started. More information will be posted soon!
Investigation of Calvary Cemetery on Hold.
Investigation of Luther Valley Cemetery on Hold.
Investigation of Local Residence planned. Details will be posted.
OPIAR will be posting pictures, notes, reports and such on it's Investigation Archives page and on the new Cemetery Hunting page! Both of those updates will be coming soon!

Upcoming Events

OPIAR plans possible Road Trip to Elmwood, Wisconsin... The Self-Proclaimed "UFO Capital of the World"... More information coming soon!
OPIAR is planning trip to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois. Details and investigation information will be posted!

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To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Contact Us" page.