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Ghost Folklore, Investigation Tips, FAQ, and more!

This Page will be Updated Soon! More Information Will be Placed onto this page soon! Check out the Folklore, and let us know what you want to see here on this page!
The Traditional Folklore of Ghosts, Spirits, and Phantoms!
  • Ghosts loathe holy water, predictably enough. 'Holy water' is water from a swift stream that flows south (and is sanctified by a priest). The belief is held world-wide that ghosts are unable to cross running water.
  • Crossroads are popular with ghosts. Some theorize that witches practiced magic at crossroads; others say it is because, centuries ago, when a murderer was executed, villagers would bury the body at a crossroads with a stake driven through it.
  • Silver is a favorite metal of ghosts. People who have multiple encounters with spirits are often found to wear silver jewelry.
  • A child born between the hours of midnight and one o'clock in the morning is said to possess the ability to see ghosts.
  • You weren't born at the midnight hour but want to see a ghost? Try going out and picking sage leaves.
  • Salt is classic defense against evil spirits.
  • Silk is excellent protection against the visitation of a ghost. Wear a silk scarf around your head, and you will not feel a ghost's presence in a haunted location. Take the scarf off, and you may be shocked at how suddenly different you feel.
  • Trees have the ability to be as haunted as any house. Some famous haunted trees include The Screaming Phantom of Mannheim Forest, and the Fatal Cherry Tree. This may sound rather silly, but who has not been in the woods during the last gasp of daylight and not felt a little spooked?
  • Theaters are notorious for being haunted. Ask the actor or actress closest to you, and their answer is more likely than not that they believe a certain theater, or all theaters, are haunted. Bumps, knocking, unseen stage hands adjusting props, lighting, and doors, are all part of the theater experience. Related to these beliefs are the curse of Macbeth and the story of the Phantom of the Opera.

The information presented to you on this page is not passed on as fact. This information is folklore, which as we know is mostly fiction. OPIAR does believe in the existence of such phenomenon, but until is can be proven that these items affect it, this information is passed to you as try-at-your-own-risk Fiction. Thank you.